Saturday, June 19, 2010

Purple Power!!

I mentioned before that we started room updos for two of my daughters last year. A year has passed quickly and technically I probably have exceeded the acceptable time frame for blogging about the room updos. But I'd like to document it and show the world what we have accomplished.

Out of respect for Kenzie I won't show a before pic (her room wasn't quite presentable), but I will show you some fabulous after pics of the updos. Her room was painted like a garden with a real picket fence. There was an arbor around the door and a flower box below the window. It was so cute. She had outgrown it and wanted something more updated and fresh.

Her favorite color is purple, so we went with royal purple. And nothing goes better with royal purple than zebra (actually zebra goes great with most colors)!

We found some great zebra chairs and a couple of other zebra print items like pillows and a runner for the bookshelf.

I love the black and white fabrics we found for the lamp shade and the storage boxes.

We used mirrors and glass around the room for sparkle. We found a table for the zebra chairs
and added square mirrors to the edge. It really added bling!

We found an old desk at the local thrift store that we sanded and painted white then paired it with a black chair. (I think the chairs are used more for clothes than for sitting).

On one wall we put up old picture frames that we got at thrift stores and had spray painted black, then added a bit of vinyl lettering to describe Kenzie.

A green rug on the floor makes the room pop!

We love the way it turned out!!!

For me the "cherry on top" is the chandelier that matches perfectly! Every girl needs one!

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