Monday, June 28, 2010

Jetted Tub And A Chandelier

Every girl needs a jetted tub! Sixteen years ago when we built our home, we thought we were getting a jetted tub in our master bathroom. The builders made a huge mistake in the layout of the bathroom and we didn't get our jetted tub. We have a fairly large bathroom that has a lot of wasted space. We looked forward to the day when we would one day remodel our bath and get our jetted tub.

We met with a couple of contractors and told them what we wanted to do. According to them there was no way to get a jetted tub in our bath. We were so disappointed. We had our friend/neighbor/cabinet builder come in and take a look. He took our bathroom on as a challenge. On the plane to California the next morning, he came up with a layout that would allow us to put in a jetted tub. Yay for Dave!! (See Dave Hall at www.woodcraftmill.com).

We repositioned
the toilet, shower, and tub. We were able to get the jetted tub in plus a larger shower and a linen cabinet!

I found a beautiful gold waterfall chandelier at a consignment store. I had a vision of what it would look like with some paint and antiquing. I removed the crystals and cleaned them in vinegar water to make them sparkle. I took the chandelier apart and spray painted all the pieces antique white. (I took a picture of the chandelier before taking it apart so I could reference it when putting it back together - It's helpful for crystal placement also).

After putting
the chandelier back together I antiqued it with a dark wood stain. Just rubbed it on and wiped it off, leaving just enough to darken the cracks and crevices. It turned out just as I had hoped, creamy and dreamy. It doesn't even look like the same chandelier.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bye Bye Buttercup Yellow!

When Rielley was born we were in a position where we could finally have a nursery for our new baby. That was 13 years ago!

She doesn't want a nursery room any more! Understandable. Even though it was a beautiful room and meant to grow with her for years. I guess 13 years is long enough.

She wants an older, tween look. Gone with the buttercup yellow walls and the rosebud wallpaper.

At Ri's request, we got rid of her crib & changing table years ago : )

I wanted to do the room updos on a shoe string. We went to second hand stores and budget stores looking for items for the rooms. We found some really good things at great prices.

We started the updo by removing old wallpaper. I have a great friend who knows how to do pretty much everything, so she came over and worked along side me showing me how to remove that awful stuff called wallpaper.

I will never put wallpaper on my walls again - too much work! First you have to put it up, then years later you have to take it off. Paint is much easier.

Rielley's room got a fresh look with two tone green walls, white trim, pink and orange pillows, homemade fabric bulletin boards, long fringe curtains and two very cute chandeliers!

We found an awful black stained nightstand at the second hand store for only $5. Some may have passed it up, but when you repurpose things you really need to have a vision of what it could look like with a little work. So, some fresh white paint and antique drawer pulls was just what we needed to give this nightstand a new look.

We also found a small desk for $10 that fit perfectly in her room. We painted it white and the chair blue to match the chandelier.

I found two small chandeliers at a second hand store for about $45 for the two of them. And when painted were perfect for her room. I removed the crystals and cleaned them with vinegar water to make them sparkle, then taped off everything I didn't want painted. Then spray painted them: one white and one blue. If you find a chandelier in a second hand store make sure it works before you purchase it.

For her window seat we found some fabulous fringe curtains that went from ceiling to floor. I love running my hands through them. We hung her white chandelier above her window seat and made a window seat cushion so she has a cozy place to read books (Yeah right! Have you met my daughter?) or just chill.

We collected picture frames along the way and painted them white. We made a "Wall of Frames"
on one of her walls.

On the other wall we hung photo boards that I made and covered with different fabric prints so she could hang photos and cards that are important to her.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Purple Power!!

I mentioned before that we started room updos for two of my daughters last year. A year has passed quickly and technically I probably have exceeded the acceptable time frame for blogging about the room updos. But I'd like to document it and show the world what we have accomplished.

Out of respect for Kenzie I won't show a before pic (her room wasn't quite presentable), but I will show you some fabulous after pics of the updos. Her room was painted like a garden with a real picket fence. There was an arbor around the door and a flower box below the window. It was so cute. She had outgrown it and wanted something more updated and fresh.

Her favorite color is purple, so we went with royal purple. And nothing goes better with royal purple than zebra (actually zebra goes great with most colors)!

We found some great zebra chairs and a couple of other zebra print items like pillows and a runner for the bookshelf.

I love the black and white fabrics we found for the lamp shade and the storage boxes.

We used mirrors and glass around the room for sparkle. We found a table for the zebra chairs
and added square mirrors to the edge. It really added bling!

We found an old desk at the local thrift store that we sanded and painted white then paired it with a black chair. (I think the chairs are used more for clothes than for sitting).

On one wall we put up old picture frames that we got at thrift stores and had spray painted black, then added a bit of vinyl lettering to describe Kenzie.

A green rug on the floor makes the room pop!

We love the way it turned out!!!

For me the "cherry on top" is the chandelier that matches perfectly! Every girl needs one!

Friday, June 18, 2010

It All Started A Year Ago

Our summer project for 2009 was to redo the girls bedrooms. That was a year ago: Now we are bathrooms, laundry room, master bedroom, master bathroom/closet, living room, kitchen, family room and a great room addition into it.

WARNING!!! When you decide to remodel, be careful where it takes you! We have a whole new house. We have moved walls to make a bigger kitchen, closet, great room and laundry room. New showers, tubs and toilets. New wall colors, carpet, shutters and walnut wood floors. Fabulous cabinets, granite counters and a hood range to die for. New fabrics, window treatments, throw pillows, duvet covers and towels. Counter stools, sofas, lights, fans and windows. Where does it stop?? This is madness!!! Chandelier in the closet!!?? Above the tub!!?? How about one in the potting shed? Two for Ri and one for Kenz? I love a repurposed chandelier! I'll put one everywhere! Did I just make a rhyme? Sounds like Dr. Seuss.

I've used the basement office as a kitchen, washed the dishes in the bathroom sink, the garage has become a storage unit (sorry Lover), I've taken the laundry to the local laundry mat (just bring a good book, magazine or knitting project). The refrigerator was in the garage and the microwave was on the patio. We have moved in and out, and up and down. There has been a lot of stress and many ooohs and aaaahs! We live in a new house and are loving it.

Stop by and take a look!
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