Sunday, October 24, 2010

Peanut Butter Heaven

Peanut Butter Heaven 

I love peanut butter!  I love it so much I eat it with a spoon out of the jar.  My favorite combo is chocolate and peanut butter:  Ice cream, cookies, pudding, candy and now cupcakes!  I made this delicious cupcake and it has quickly become my favorite.

I used a chocolate cake mix and followed the directions on the box, plus I added 1 cup of chocolate chips to the batter.  I put the batter in a large ziplock bag and snip one corner so I can squeeze the batter through the hole and fill the cupcake papers.  You can make the traditional size cupcakes or the mini cupcakes.  Bake as directed on the box.  Let cool completely before  icing.

Peanut Butter Icing
1 cup smooth peanut butter 
1/2 cup butter, room temperature
2 cups powdered sugar
3-4 Tbsp milk or cream
1 tsp vanilla

Combine peanut butter and butter in a large bowl, mixing together until light and fluffy.  Add sugar, 3 Tbsp milk and vanilla.  Start mixer slowly and gradually increase speed.  Mix until smooth and creamy.  Add 1 Tbsp milk or cream if icing is too thick.  

When icing my cupcakes I like to use an icing bag with a tip or just a plastic sandwich bag with a corner snipped off.  I can swirl the icing high and coverage doesn't have to be perfect. It makes icing the cupcakes go really quick too.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Connected For Eternity

We did not choose Carlos Amado to be our Mission President and he did not choose us to be his missionaries.  It was part of the plan.  We are connected together for the eternities no matter what direction our lives take.  There will always be a love and appreciation for each other even when it's been 28 years since we have seen each other.  That was President Amado's message to us on Friday night at our mission reunion.

Many years have passed without seeing many of these people.  We are a bit older and have more experiences under our belt so to speak.  Many of them I didn't remember right away - they do look a bit different!  I of course don't.  Ha Ha!

We had a great reunion with President and Sister Amado.  Alex Boye was there and performed a few songs, we had a great presentation of pictures that had been sent in and compiled into a CD.  It brought back many forgotten memories of my mission, I remember it as such a great time in my life.
Mission Reunion with President and Sister Amado

Guatemala, Guatemala City Missionaries 1983-1984

Debbie Smith Johnson, Erick Chojolan, Me

Carol Hair DeFriez, Hna ?, Caty Lang, Me

Christie Schouten, Me

Me, Elder Homer

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