Monday, May 17, 2010

Simply Strawberries

There is nothing better than fresh strawberries. Let me just say they are my favorite fruit. I love fresh strawberries... let me count the ways...

- Waffles with fresh sliced strawberries and real whipped cream.

- Spring green salad with fresh sliced strawberries, coarse chopped pecans and course shaved Pecorino Romano cheese drizzled with a blend of balsamic and olive oil dressing. Simple but sooo Yummy!

- I love putting up strawberry jam. It's so rewarding to see those beautiful jars with that yummy jam on the shelf. Even more rewarding to spread it on your favorite homemade bread. I can taste it now! No, really I can! I just made strawberry jam on saturday, I'm eating some right now!

- My mouth waters just thinking about strawberry shortcake. You can serve it with pound cake, angle food cake, those store bought little shortcake cakes, but once you've tried it with a homemade sweet biscuit - you'll never go back. Sweet biscuits are so easy to make, why would you eat it any other way?

- Strawberry soup! Yes, I said it ...soup. So refreshing, and tastes even better in a little tea cup garnished with a dollop of strawberry puree and a mint leaf.

- I was recently introduced to strawberry water. It went down so smooth. Put some slightly crushed strawberries in a pitcher of ice cold water and enjoy. Don't crush to much - you'll
need to strain out the floaties.

- Our family's cake of choice for birthdays is a strawberry cake that my mother-in-law would make for my husband when he was growing up. Since all of our birthdays fall in the colder part of the year I freeze strawberries so I have some on hand for birthday cakes and smoothies.

Wow! What a list of yummy eats. I really do use strawberries in a lot of different ways, but I can't forget the best way is o'naturale. Who can resist a plump, juicy, red strawberry! They are so good for us too. I even served them at my wedding reception almost 17 1/2 years ago, with sour cream and brown sugar. Umm, memories!

I'd love to know how you like to eat your strawberries. Drop me a post and share it with me.

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