Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bye Bye Buttercup Yellow!

When Rielley was born we were in a position where we could finally have a nursery for our new baby. That was 13 years ago!

She doesn't want a nursery room any more! Understandable. Even though it was a beautiful room and meant to grow with her for years. I guess 13 years is long enough.

She wants an older, tween look. Gone with the buttercup yellow walls and the rosebud wallpaper.

At Ri's request, we got rid of her crib & changing table years ago : )

I wanted to do the room updos on a shoe string. We went to second hand stores and budget stores looking for items for the rooms. We found some really good things at great prices.

We started the updo by removing old wallpaper. I have a great friend who knows how to do pretty much everything, so she came over and worked along side me showing me how to remove that awful stuff called wallpaper.

I will never put wallpaper on my walls again - too much work! First you have to put it up, then years later you have to take it off. Paint is much easier.

Rielley's room got a fresh look with two tone green walls, white trim, pink and orange pillows, homemade fabric bulletin boards, long fringe curtains and two very cute chandeliers!

We found an awful black stained nightstand at the second hand store for only $5. Some may have passed it up, but when you repurpose things you really need to have a vision of what it could look like with a little work. So, some fresh white paint and antique drawer pulls was just what we needed to give this nightstand a new look.

We also found a small desk for $10 that fit perfectly in her room. We painted it white and the chair blue to match the chandelier.

I found two small chandeliers at a second hand store for about $45 for the two of them. And when painted were perfect for her room. I removed the crystals and cleaned them with vinegar water to make them sparkle, then taped off everything I didn't want painted. Then spray painted them: one white and one blue. If you find a chandelier in a second hand store make sure it works before you purchase it.

For her window seat we found some fabulous fringe curtains that went from ceiling to floor. I love running my hands through them. We hung her white chandelier above her window seat and made a window seat cushion so she has a cozy place to read books (Yeah right! Have you met my daughter?) or just chill.

We collected picture frames along the way and painted them white. We made a "Wall of Frames"
on one of her walls.

On the other wall we hung photo boards that I made and covered with different fabric prints so she could hang photos and cards that are important to her.

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