Friday, June 18, 2010

It All Started A Year Ago

Our summer project for 2009 was to redo the girls bedrooms. That was a year ago: Now we are bathrooms, laundry room, master bedroom, master bathroom/closet, living room, kitchen, family room and a great room addition into it.

WARNING!!! When you decide to remodel, be careful where it takes you! We have a whole new house. We have moved walls to make a bigger kitchen, closet, great room and laundry room. New showers, tubs and toilets. New wall colors, carpet, shutters and walnut wood floors. Fabulous cabinets, granite counters and a hood range to die for. New fabrics, window treatments, throw pillows, duvet covers and towels. Counter stools, sofas, lights, fans and windows. Where does it stop?? This is madness!!! Chandelier in the closet!!?? Above the tub!!?? How about one in the potting shed? Two for Ri and one for Kenz? I love a repurposed chandelier! I'll put one everywhere! Did I just make a rhyme? Sounds like Dr. Seuss.

I've used the basement office as a kitchen, washed the dishes in the bathroom sink, the garage has become a storage unit (sorry Lover), I've taken the laundry to the local laundry mat (just bring a good book, magazine or knitting project). The refrigerator was in the garage and the microwave was on the patio. We have moved in and out, and up and down. There has been a lot of stress and many ooohs and aaaahs! We live in a new house and are loving it.

Stop by and take a look!

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  1. WOW!! You can get a little carried away :> Feel free to get a little carried away at our house anytime.


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