Friday, March 25, 2011

Reflections of 2010

I wanted to document the Legge's Life for the year 2010 here on my blog.  I actually started this post in early January, but set it aside to work on other things.  I still want to post it and hope you all will forgive me for posting it three months later.  I can't believe I haven't posted anything since October!  I must have been really busy these past few months.  Plus I won't allow myself to post anything current until I get this one on the blog.

The year 2010 started with a most amazing day in the Grand Caymans.  Swimming with Sting Rays and walking on gorgeous beaches. We took the family on a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean.  This was by far my favorite island that we visited. 

Sting Ray City

Grand Cayman
In February I celebrated my 50th birthday with a 50s theme party, complete with singers (The Cadillacs www.cadillacsacapella.com) and hula hoop contest.

A'capella Group The Cadillacs
Hula Hoop Contest

We also visited the set and taping of the local morning show Good Things Utah.
Good Things Utah

In Mid February we started our major remodel on our Kitchen and Bathroom/Laundry Room.  I love our new kitchen so much I wish we had done it years ago.  Now almost a year later we pretty much have a new house!  I love it!

Old Kitchen

New Kitchen!!
During the remodel I used our basement as a make shift kitchen.  I would cook meals in the slow cooker, rice cooker, wok, griddle, microwave and toaster oven.  We used the outside grill a lot and washed the dishes in the bathroom sink.  It was a bit crazy, but we made it work.

Make shift kitchen in the basement

Everything but the kitchen sink!!

At the end of February John and I took a trip to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.  We swam in Cinotes, climbed ruins, rode bikes, swam with turtles, ate great grilled chicken, fed a monkey, went on a zip line and talked ourselves out of a mexican speeding ticket!

Snorkeling in a Cinote

Grilled Chicken

 There have been dance competitions, Prom, Sweethearts and Alta Drill. 

I traveled to California a couple of times to help with The Ruffled Feathers Eatery (My sister's restaurant).  Great place to eat when you're in San Jose.  www.rfeatery.com

 Spent Easter in St. George

I made strawberry jam and enjoyed Strawberry Days in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Strawberry Goodness

Enjoying the Rodeo
Enjoying the Rodeo - Notice the horses tongue!

 I baked bread and biscuits.
Whole Wheat Bread

Pesto French Bread
Baking Soda Biscuits

I planted and harvested my herbs and veggies.

Best Tomato Year Ever!

Gorgeous Herbs
Root Veggies

I decorated...

                                         ...and celebrated.

We went to Reid Ranch for Youth Conference

Three Bulls Eyes!!!

On the lake at Reid Ranch
Our tree gave us beautiful Apricots this year.  We don't usually get many apricots, because we have an early fruit bearing tree and the spring snows freeze our blossoms.  So, I was thrilled to have so many apricots.  I made pies (with Rielley's help) and apricot syrup (my favorite).

Rielley made 5 beautiful pies

We enjoyed picnics in the canyons after church.  It's a great way to cool down on hot sabbath days.
Foil Dinners are the Best!!  No Dishes!

We enjoyed Bear Lake, floating down Provo River, and Shooting The Tube
Bear Lake

Shooting The Tube

Lady Antebellum, Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, John Mayer, and Jack Johnson Concerts

Lady Antebellum

Toby Keith

John Mayer

I made pesto and pies, canned pickles, jams, tomatoes, soups, and tomatillos.  I dried herbs and flowers

Dill Pickles

Tomato Soup
Apricot Pie

Fall brought a trip to New York City (one of my favorite places), Dad's 80th Birthday, Mission Reunion and more Drill (Alta Las Scalles)

Brooklyn Bridge

My Dad - Doesn't he look great at 80!
Guatemala City/El Salvador Mission 1983-84

Las Scalles Hip Hop

 We added a backyard pizza oven, spent Thanksgiving in California at my sisters restaurant, and walked down memory lane in San Jose - it was a great place to grow up.

Pizza Oven

Should read - Closed for Thanksgiving - Ha Ha Ha!!
Where the Legge clan began in California

I discovered peanut butter frosting, prepared names for the temple and celebrated Christmas at Temple Square.
Peanut Butter Frosting!!!!!

John Ralph Legge and Amelia Serra
Annual Christmas Horse and Buggy Ride

Beautiful Salt Lake Temple at Christmas Time

I look back over the year 2010 and have great memories of fun times and great accomplishments.  But the camera cannot capture the most important things: love for my God, husband and children, health, faith and PEACE!!  Life is good.


  1. 2010 was a great year! Here's to a great 2011! Have a great summer! Don't ever change! :)

  2. P.s. I LOVE seeing the yummy food you make! If you ever have time, will you do a tutorial on your french bread? Gma gave me your recipe, but something went wrong and the bread didn't turn out quite right! :(


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