Thursday, July 8, 2010

Strawberry Days in Pleasant Grove

I love a Rodeo! It takes me back to my childhood and the time spent at my Grandfathers farm in Wyoming. Every summer we would take the looooong drive from Cupertino, California to Cowley, Wyoming. We'd spend a week there at the farm with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and many other relatives that made up the entire town of Cowley...(No kidding - Population 600, give or take a cousin). There'd be BBQs, horseback riding on a horse named Hungry, tire swings, irrigating the fields, driving Grandpas truck, fresh garden peas and pancake eating contests.

When I smell the leather saddles and the manure and hear the horses, I am taken back to the farm and many childhood memories. My grandmother made sure we always had tickets to the town rodeo. One of my favorite memories at the Cowley Rodeo was when my cousin Kevin was on the Wild Horse milking team. He literally picked up the horse and slammed it to the ground. I thought he was pretty cool. Many years later, in staying with the tradition of visiting Cowley on the 24th of July, my family and my sisters family went to the Cowley rodeo. My sisters youngest daughter even entered the mutton busting contest. That is one of our favorite family stories.

Pleasant Grove has a fun rodeo during Strawberry Days. This was our second annual Strawberry Days Rodeo and it did not disappoint. As we entered the rodeo grounds I could smell the manure, leather and hay. Immediately I was thinking of Cowley, Wyoming. There was mutton busting, bucking broncos, barrel racing, roping, wild cow milking and bull riding. There were hot dogs, hamburgers and strawberries and cream. Something for everybody.

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